Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Comparing Generic Integration Software Components (MuleSoft v.s X )

Recently I was tasked with a challenge to make a comparison between two integration software, I tried to google about comparison matrices or any models that the industry may have but I found none. As I was also studying TOGAF at the same time, I went on to check and see if there are something of that sort in which I could use to accomplish my mission but I have found none either.

The task lead me to this text book, Enterprise Integration Patterns written by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. In the book they talk about the generics building blocks of an integration software.

I have worked with other integration software bundles before so from my experience I try to the best of my effort to come up with a generic model, as shown in the following diagram.

I stand to be corrected and I might not have the complete picture of all the constituent components that makes up an integration software, but this my best effort.

As we are moving to cloud based architectures, there are integration components that runs in the cloud which is as illustrated, and there are hybrid components that can both be implemented on the cloud or on premise, the blue box are the bundle of components that have this hybrid option of either to be implemented in the could or on premise.

With this model in mind I have come up with the following comparison matrix.I have populated the Mulesoft column, the other column highlighted in orange is for you to fill up the fetures of any other integration software.

Like I said I might have missed out some components but this exercise really gives me a good revision of MuleSoft's offerings and it's features.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mule-soft Champions Web Site

After passing my MuleSoft certified associate certification I was immediately subscribed to the “Champions Programme”. I didn’t know what it was about so I ignored the registration mail and didn’t really pay attention to it for 1 to 2 weeks.

One evening as I open up the mail, I clicked on the link and was brought immediately to the “Champions Website”, before I talk about champions web site, the first time I experience developing integration in MuleSoft is via the first “MuleSoft certified associate” training, and once I have finished the training I am hooked to MuleSoft I want to know more, I want to work on the product, I want to create stuff, roll my sleves up and start building solution, making changes that will help people, businesses and organizations, I find that I need to know more about MuleSoft development.
So as I head into the champions web site I found that Mulesoft have gamified the whole learning continuous community connection and learning process for MuleSoft and I like it.

At the point of this writing generally the web site has 3 navigational section that is worth our attention. They are namely

  1. My Challenges – Where you can choose and pick what challenges you want to take on, and if you successfully complete the challenge, you will then accumulate points, the points that you have accumulated will then allow you to redeem gifts at the reward stores.
  2. Discussions – Is where you can post and view other mulesoft developer’s post on a topic of discussion, you can answer the discussion or ask question about a discussion.
  3. Reward Store- This is the beauty of the whole gamification, here is where you can redeem stuff with the points you have accumulated from winning the challenges.

On the left hand pane of the champions web site you will also see a “Leaderboard” where it shows who is leading in terms of points accumulation.
Its not just all work and no play there are challenges that are fun and has nothing to do with MuleSoft at all, these are the challenges where you can do when you need a break. This whole web site is addictive.

And the most noble thing of all about the champions web site is that it allows the players to get a shot at higher education, it allows the mulesoft development community to persue futher education in development of mulesoft solution.

If you navigate into the rewards section there are many type of rewards, you have the mulesoft t-shirts, the max mule soft toy, the storm trooper helmet and the most Nobel of all the gift is the chance to a higher education, which I am aiming for, as I want to know more about the MuleSoft product.

There are so many strategy to get a complete education into MuleSoft to continue your persuit of mastering the development skills, to accumulate the points you can answer question on stack overflow or speak at a mulesoft event.

Or you could create tutorial videos about mulesoft development.

You could publish a blog about mulesoft , that will get you 1000 points do it 15 times and you will get your education ticket, but what you didn’t realize is tha writing a blog, talking about it and recording videos are chances for you to review and revised what you already know about the product, and it helps you absorb even more knowledge when you go for the actual course.

This is the most brilliant idea to get the MuleSoft development community together, on top of it being a fantastic integration product this Champions website is just here to glue all of use mule devs together to learn, discuss and innovate to make it an even better product.

Its Brilliant !!!!